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Susie's Choice by Barbara Elsborg: A Book Review and Download Link

Susie's Choice by Barbara Elsborg: A Steamy and Emotional Ménage Romance

If you are looking for a hot and heart-wrenching romance that involves three people, you might want to check out Susie's Choice by Barbara Elsborg. This book is a standalone erotic romance that tells the story of Susie, a young woman who falls in love with two men, Christian and Joel, who are already in a committed relationship with each other. The book explores the dynamics of a ménage à trois, the struggles of coming out as bisexual, and the power of love to heal past wounds.

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What is Susie's Choice about and who are the main characters?

Susie's Choice is about Susie Hood, a 22-year-old woman who works as a cleaner for two housework-challenged super-busy guys, Christian and Joel. Christian is a successful lawyer who has a dark past that haunts him. Joel is a cheerful doctor who has a secret that he fears will ruin his relationship with Christian. They have been together for five years and are deeply in love, but they also crave a woman in their lives.

When Susie shows up at their door, they are instantly attracted to her. She has the looks and heart of a broken angel, and they want to protect her and make her happy. Susie has her own problems to deal with, such as an abusive ex-boyfriend, a low self-esteem, and a lack of direction in life. She is drawn to both Christian and Joel, but she doesn't know if she can handle being with two men at once.

How does Susie meet Christian and Joel and what challenges do they face in their relationship?

Susie meets Christian and Joel when she responds to their advertisement for a cleaner-housekeeper-miracle worker. She arrives at their apartment with scraped knees after a tumble from her bike, and they are immediately smitten by her innocence and vulnerability. They offer her the job on the spot, but they also have ulterior motives. They want to seduce her and make her part of their family.

Susie is hesitant at first, but she can't deny the chemistry she feels with both men. She agrees to give their unconventional arrangement a try, but she soon realizes that it's not as easy as it sounds. She has to deal with jealousy, insecurity, guilt, and confusion. She also has to face the judgment of her friends, family, and society. She wonders if she is making the right choice or if she is just being selfish.

Christian and Joel also have their own issues to overcome. Christian has to confront his demons from his childhood abuse and learn to trust Susie with his secrets. Joel has to come out as bisexual to his parents and friends and cope with their reactions. They also have to balance their careers, their relationship with each other, and their relationship with Susie. They have to prove to themselves and to Susie that they are not using her as a toy or a band-aid.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the book and why should readers give it a try?

One of the strengths of the book is the character development. The author does a great job of making each character unique, complex, and relatable. The reader gets to know their backgrounds, personalities, motivations, fears, hopes, and dreams. The author also shows how they grow as individuals and as a couple throughout the book. The reader can empathize with their struggles and root for their happiness.

Another strength of the book is the eroticism. The author writes some of the hottest and most sensual scenes ever. The sex scenes are not only steamy, but also emotional and meaningful. They reflect the characters' feelings, desires, and needs. They also show how they communicate, bond, and express their love through physical intimacy. The author does not shy away from depicting the details of a ménage à trois, including the challenges, the benefits, and the pleasures.

A weakness of the book is the plot. The book is mainly character-driven, which is not a bad thing, but it also means that the plot is rather thin and predictable. There are not many twists and turns, and the conflicts are mostly internal or external. The book also relies on some clichés and stereotypes, such as the abusive ex-boyfriend, the homophobic parents, and the judgmental society. The book could have benefited from more originality and creativity in the storyline.

Another weakness of the book is the length. The book is over 400 pages long, which is quite long for an erotic romance. Some parts of the book feel dragged out or repetitive, and some scenes could have been cut or shortened. The book could have been more concise and focused without losing its essence.

Despite its flaws, Susie's Choice is a book that readers should give a try if they are looking for a steamy and emotional ménage romance. The book has a lot of heart, humor, and heat. It also has a lot of depth, insight, and realism. It shows that love is not always easy or conventional, but it is always worth fighting for.

What is the main message of the book and how does it end?

The main message of the book is that love is a choice. Susie has to choose between living a safe and normal life or taking a risk and following her heart. Christian and Joel have to choose between keeping their relationship as it is or opening it up to someone new. They all have to choose between hiding their true selves or being honest and proud of who they are.

The book ends with a happy ending for Susie, Christian, and Joel. They overcome their obstacles and realize that they belong together. They decide to move to a new place where they can start fresh and be free from judgment. They also decide to get married in a ceremony that celebrates their love for each other. They finally find peace, happiness, and fulfillment in their unconventional but beautiful family.


  • Q: Is Susie's Choice part of a series?

  • A: No, Susie's Choice is a standalone book that can be read on its own.

  • Q: Is Susie's Choice based on a true story?

  • A: No, Susie's Choice is a fictional story that was created by the author's imagination.

  • Q: Where can I download Susie's Choice by Barbara Elsborg in PDF or EPUB format?

  • A: You can download Susie's Choice by Barbara Elsborg in PDF or EPUB format from various online sources, such as OceanofPDF, BooksMinority, OverDrive, Amazon , etc.

  • Q: What are some other books by Barbara Elsborg that I might enjoy?

  • A: Some other books by Barbara Elsborg that you might enjoy are Lucy in the Sky, Cowboys Down, Doing the Right Thing, An Ordinary Girl, Every Move He Makes, With or Without Him, etc.

  • Q: What are some other books in the same genre as Susie's Choice that I might like?

  • A: Some other books in the same genre as Susie's Choice that you might like are Colters' Woman by Maya Banks, Laid Bare by Lauren Dane, Three to Ride by Sophie Oak, Tempted by Megan Hart, Taking Turns by J.A. Huss, etc.



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