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Buy Six Flags Magic Mountain Tickets

Choose from so many rides! You might want to discover Buccaneer, a swinging ship; or get on the Roaring Rapids, where visitors go white water rafting around rocks and through whirlpools! Buy your FunEx discount tickets now to experience the magic and adventure for yourself!

buy six flags magic mountain tickets


Save time and money. Buy and print tickets at home and go straight to the gate. Plan ahead and save up to $25 on Six Flags Magic Mountain general admission tickets when purchased in advance of the visit date. Get more details and buy now at

Have checked today and six flags have discounts on their websites for tickets almost half price from normal admission. When I tried to buy these for Vallejo and magic mountain we tried four different visa cards, all perfectly ok, and it kept acing our address we put on form didn't match billing address. this equates to a massive saving if we can do it. country can be changed from USA to uk straight away. can anyone help..... Please.

Why is there practically nothing anywhere online about whether this is a legit site/deal? Can you give me any kind of proof that you are authorized to sell tickets for magic mountain? Also, do I go directly to the gate with your tickets or have to redeem them at the ticket booth? Can I use them immediately? 041b061a72


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