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Npa Nxx Lookup NEW!

This lookup uses the NALENND NPA NXX to United States Zip Code Database - Standard Edition to cross reference all telephone area codes and exchange prefixes associated with a ZIP code or alternately cross reference all ZIP codes associated with a telephone area code and exchange prefix based on geographic service area proximity.

Npa Nxx Lookup

This will vary depending on where the number is from. If the number is part of the North American dial plan, what you were looking is for an LRN dip. For a given number (NPA-NXX-YYYY) the NPA-NXX is purchased by a provider, that provider then specifies if that phone number is a land or mobile number, what rate center it is in, geographic information, etc. The problem is that about 30% of numbers are ported between providers. And LRN look up is the full NPA-NXX-YYYY provider lookup.

Work order headers are also mapped based on the mapping defined in the message type. For example, if the incoming order contains a priority, purchase order number, and due date, these values will be included in the translation, provided they are incorporated in the SrtServiceModel.xsd file as lookups or are provided by means of a translation. For more information on work order headers, refer to the ASAP work order header and work order properties section of ASAP System Administrator's Guide.

After the Automation Transformation Framework produces the interim work order, the order is passed to the SRT to perform additional mappings, data lookups, and transformations. The interim work order is validated against the SRTServiceActivation.xsd file. For more information on this schema, refer to SRT Online Reference installed with the SRT software.

Inbound work orders can also contain service actions with parameter mappings and lookup definitions, without the need to model these as a service bundle. This allows the support of service actions directly during the translation of service orders from upstream.

If the incoming XML does not contain the required parameters, you can include lookups in SrtTranslation.xsd. For example, if the incoming work order does not include the parameter NE_ID, a lookup can determine the NE_ID based on another value on the work order, such as the IMSI.

NODE: (default) Lookup results are cached at the order level. This means the same lookup will be performed only once regardless of how many times it is called in the order. This setting is useful if it is moderately expensive to retrieve the external instance and the field referencing the external instance is a multi-instance node. Cached instances are only reused across multi-instance nodes if the actual resolved values of all parameters are identical and the lookup adapter class is the same.

SYSTEM: External instances are cached and reused system wide. This is useful if retrieving the external instance is expensive and it is performed frequently. Cached instances results are only reused if the actual resolved values of all parameters are identical and the lookup adapter class is the same.

The SRT supports the splitting and concatenation of upstream parameters. Each lookup input parameter has an attribute sourceDocument, which indicates to the SRT which XML document source to use when resolving the input parameter value. If multiple lookups are chained together, the SRT ensures they are executed in correct sequence. The sourceDocument attribute defaults to ASAP_SRT_ORDER.

NPANXX_LOOKUP takes the NPA and NXX from NPA_LOOKUP and NXX_LOOKUP and concatenates them as one single value. The NPA is the lookup result from NPA_LOOKUP and NXX is the lookup result from NXX_LOOKUP. Both of these are substrings from the order data parameter PHONE. At the end of lookup execution, the value will be populated back the order data parameter name HOST_CLLI.

This adapter lets you integrate the SRT with JavaScript to perform lookups, calculations, or validations against information that is located in the service request. This adapter runs an SRT server extension and uses the results as an external instance. 041b061a72


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