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Borderlands 2 Gear Calculator V3 2021

Each game and item type has their own unique item list.To find the right gear for your build, each list is equipped to filter and sort all items.

Borderlands 2 Gear Calculator V3

The Director's Cut add-on for Borderlands 3 brings all new ways to play. In addition to a new raid boss, extra story missions, and behind-the-scenes footage, the Director's Cut also includes three Vault Cards: a new progression system with endless rewards. Each Vault Card offers unique Legendary gear, tons of new cosmetic items, and an all-new in-game resource: Diamond Keys.

Vault Card Keys let you unlock the Legendary gear and cosmetics from the associated Vault Card. The gear scales to your character's current level, and you can preview the complete collection of loot via your ECHO Device. These items can be unlocked in any order you want, so you can get the loot you desire pronto.

Each Vault Card features a total of 28 unique rewards, including 24 themed cosmetics and four new pieces of Legendary gear! As an example of what to expect, here's a full rundown of the type of rewards featured in Vault Card #1, Fallen Heroes:

You may be familiar with Golden Keys, which you can score by keeping up with all things Borderlands on social media. Golden Keys unlock the Golden Chest near Marcus Munitions on Sanctuary III. When opened, the Golden Chest offers up a bunch of high-end gear appropriate for your level.

The fun's not over even when all the shutters are closed, as the Diamond Chest in the center of the room will power up to produce one last piece of gear that's guaranteed to be Legendary. So, to recap: each time you open the Diamond Chest, you get four items total, including at least one Legendary. With any luck, you'll score the kind of loot all Vault Hunters dream of.

All you completionists should strive to collect all the items on each Vault Card, but Vault Cards will never technically be "completed" because they have no level cap, and will therefore always keep offering rewards. You can keep earning Vault Card levels even after you've scored all of that Card's gear to earn Diamond Keys, Eridium, and higher-level versions of the Card's gear.

With just over a week to go till Borderlands 2 releases on all three platforms, many folks simply can't get enough news of the action/rpg. To help satiate fans desires, Gearbox has put up skill tree calculators for the four classes. Using it you can plan out just what abilities you want your character(s) to have when the game launches.

Borderlands uses a classification system for gear that follows a color-coding system for RPGs (which was pioneered by Blizzard's Diablo). A common (white) gun would be average, an uncommon (green) would be slightly above average, a rare (blue) would be a premium gun, a very rare (purple) would be a very strong gun, and legendary (orange) guns are second only to pearlescent. The rarity of each gun is indicated by color as stated on the page of each gun.

Gear with higher item level has higher main stat (Strength) and HP (Vitality),as well as a higher spread of substats. This generally makes gear with higheritem level always superior to gear with lower item level. This is especially truewith weapons, and players should always seek to increase the item level of theirweapon to increase their weapon damage.

After a threshold of Skill Speed is reached, it will lower the recast time ofall weaponskills by 0.01 seconds. Gunbreaker wants to aim for a GCD that allowsthem to consistently land nine GCDs inside No Mercy. Apart from that, it is up tothe gearing options available and personal preference on how much Skill Speed aplayer wants to run.

Direct Hit increases the rate of which your skills direct hit, dealing 1.25xdamage. Tanks do not have any innate Direct Hit on their gear. This makes meldingdirect hit a very appealing option, and most tank sets often meld as much DirectHit as possible to ensure high damage.

Determination increases your damage and healing. It was buffed in Endwalkerand is a solid option for gear itself if accompanied with another good stat. Itis rarely melded to meet stat tiering thresholds.

The best food will vary based on your gear due to stat tiering. Generally,players will want to use one of the food options with the highest Vitality statgain, as it is extremely important for progression. Most best-in-slot setsrecommend the usage of Carrot Pudding.

The tank gear calculator is a powerful spreadsheet that allows Gunbreakersto make the most informed gearing decisions based on the gearing options thatthey currently have. You can find theTank Calculatorhere.


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