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Universal made the original Boris Karloff film, THE MUMMY in the early 1930s. To date, I think it's by far the best of all the mummy films. The, starting in 1940, they made a series of four mummy films. While they were not as good as the Karloff one, they provided a lot of fun and entertainment. They were not designed to be cerebral or for snobs but to appeal to kids and adults alike as the B-picture in the Saturday afternoon lineup at the cinema. And, in this role, they did exactly what they were intended to do.This movie is the weakest and last of these films. Part of this is because of repetition--most of what occurs seems pretty old hat. Plus, the only real innovation was pretty silly--this Egyptian menace somehow made it to the bayous of Louisiana!! Yep, a decent film but it probably was time to stop making them when you had to resort to such plot devices because you ran out of ideas!

download the The Mummy (English) movie torrent

This is a definitely better movie than the previous Unviversal movie entry "The Mummy's Tomb", from 2 years earlier. The story and characters are better again this time. Although this doesn't mean that the actual story is really that much special but at least they definitely put some effort in it. It's of course a quite silly story and it gets sort of tiresome how they keep bringing back the mummy back to life time after the time, no matter how often they have killed him off already in the previous movies. Same goes for the Andoheb role played by George Zucco. But oh well, at least the story keeps the movie enjoyable to watch. There aren't really any slow or dull moments ever in this movie.The movie features both John Carradine and Lon Chaney Jr. again in the role of the mummy. They were both like THE Universal horror movies stars at the time. It's not that they roles are that interesting within this movie but nevertheless their presence is enough to uplifts the movie and makes it all the more enjoyable to watch for the genre fans of the Universal '40's movies.Unlike the previous Universal mummy-entries, this movie does not feature an happy end, in which our hero kills the mummy and gets back the back. This was quite surprising and also a reason why this movie is better than just the average and typical Universal '40's horror attempt.The movie has some good typical Unverisal '40's horror moments. Of course it's nothing too scary, at least not by today's standards but it's very classy and good looking all, with the use of shadows and some handy camera-work.A perfectly watchable mummy-entry.7/10


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